Pirate Maquette

I wanted to sculpt this pirate character from the moment I saw him in an illustration by the amazing and prolific Denis Zilber. Denis graciously gave me permission to indulge my whim. Cast resin.

Relief Caricature sculptures

These were done for a group show, "Of the Melancholy and the Macabre". I represented this theme with my relief sculptures of Alfred Hitchcock, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Allen Poe. Polymer clay and acrylic.

B Girl Doll

Maquette for Red Giant Studios (redgiantstudios.net). Character design by Paul Sullivan (http://pencilprimate.blogspot.com). Cast resin.

Faerie Tales

Cooper and Cunningham put together a proposal of what could be the coolest piece of public art ever for The MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Art, Rome, Italy). The concept design was done by Brian Cooper and directed by Dianne Cooper. I sculpted the maquettes shown, and included the color sketch to show the whole composition.


Commissioned sculpture "Discworld," based on a book series by Terry Pratchett. Cast resin and acrylic.

Clam Daddy

I love to go listen to (and sketch) Denver-local band, the Clam Daddys. This piece was inspired by amazing harmonica player and vocalist, Tommy.

Paintings and Prints

These are some recent works, all acrylic and colored pencil on wood. I have prints of each available in 3 sizes; including large, limited edition archival giclee  prints. Contact me if you'd like to purchase one.

Figure study

Water based clay study.


This is another one that while intended for bronze, I just had to do a painted version for fun.

Colorado Animals

For the Show 'Paper or Plastic' at 910 Arts. A show during the DNC which encourages both artists and viewers to consider our small daily choices and their impact on our physical environment. Participating artists must discuss an aspect of the materials they use to create the art.

I created all Colorado native animal characters on Colorado beetle-kill, or 'blue-stained' pine.

Clef Cats

This was intended to be bronze, which it is (see bottom photos). However, I couldn't resist. I had to paint it, so I cast one in resin.

Pet Portraits

Fun commissions! One of them was intended for a beer label, shown below.

St. George's Cathedral

Cooper and Cunningham submitted a sculpture proposal for St. George's Cathedral in Perth, Australia.  The concept was done by Brian Cooper. I sculpted the Dragon. It is 1/10th scale.

Custom wedding cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers I made in likeness of the couples, and included little anecdotes they shared with me about their lives. The first was for a couple that wed in Alaska and their two dogs. I had never sewn fur before, let alone at this teeny scale (they are 6" tall)! The second was for a fellow caricature artist friend. It's based around the fact that they met on the Harmony cruise ship.